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a rather silly game

for pirates, turtles, and mongeese

20 October 1988
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Hello. It's me. Have a slice.

1984, a clockwork orange, abortion, absurdism, acculturation, act one, acting, agnosticism, analysis, anti-altruism, anti-love, apostrophe protection, arsenic brownies, art, atheism, avoidance, ayn rand, banananens, barffests, bat boy, being a grammar nazi, being a trophy wife, billy collins, blasphemy, boggle, brave new world, breaking computers by accident, caffeine, calculus, cancer, candy, capitalism, chinese food, chocolate, chopin, classical music, complaining, computer programming, consumerism, cooking, death, deism, descartes, diffusive pregnancy, disney magic, double negatives, double sarcasm, dying young, etymology, europe-based hoboism, euthanasia, feminism, fighting obesity, fine arts, fondue, foreign films, freud, german, gerunds before possessive, good charlotte, hardcore croquet, history, human rights, hypochondria, improv, inactivity, indian food, international crime syndicates, jazz, johnny depp, jung, languages, learning, liberalism, linguistics, list making, living underground, logic, lord of the rings, make believe, making up words, mass destruction, mastication, math, medicine, mendelssohn, militant grammar activism, movies, mozart, music, musicals, mussorgsky, nanotechnology, narcissism, nietzsche, old books, old cheese, old stuff, orphan consumption, oxford comma, paradoxes, pascal's wager, pasta, patterns, philip glass, philosophy, photoshop, pianos, pictionary, plural forms, postulation, procrastinating, projectile vomiting, prokofiev, psychology, reading, religion, rousseau, rufus wainwright, russell edson, saliva, sarcasm, scrabble, self-reflection, shakespeare, short films, shostakovich, skiing, skilodging, sleeping, snow, socialism, society, sociology, sociopathy, spelling, starbucks, subjunctive, subway's veggie delite, swedish fish, swedish movies, sweetoc, theatre, thinking, totalitarianism, two hour delays, vegetarianism, voluntary human extinction movement, wakefulness, walking in the rain