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a rather silly game
for pirates, turtles, and mongeese
in contemplation of greater things 
15th-Dec-2008 01:31 am
1. i LOVE rereading old emails. i just cleaned out my inbox and it felt like scraping dust out of my heartbox...so much cleaner. so much history and all the primary documents are right there. i just relived this summer and last year, all the late homework assignments and money transfers and wg-searching...oh my, oh my.

2. i had a long talk with my sister who is turning out to be a fucking sweet person. about the ages of peoples' spirits and how we would raise our children (/have children) and compassion vs passion and the first of many conversations reflecting on our upbringing/our parents' parenting. it was fabulous. and she's cool and also incredibly chill...more so than i.

3. i'm kind of stressed out currently and i think it's because
i'm leaving for dc in like 6 hours
and my bag isn't packed (3 minutes)
and my sleep isn't had (4-12 hours)
and it's too cold to go outside and smoke a j but i wish that i could. mmm.

4. craigslist!

5. dear uchicago,
you torture me and i think you've stunted my growth but i also think you're awesome, mostly for bringing together such a crazy group of people that i have grown to love and miss.

6. currently reading: "modest_witness@second_millenium.femaleman(c)_meets_concomouse(tm)" by donna haraway

7. currently wearing: blue pants with hole in the knee; mismatched striped socks; black tshirt; yellow and white striped shirt; green and green striped sweater; red flannel shirt; bahamas hat.


now i can go pack. the world is so big!
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